Transamerica Introduces Revised TransACE CV

FEBRUARY 13, 2013 - On February 11, Transamerica introduced TransACE CV, its newly revised conversion and juvenile no-lapse guaranteed universal life product.

TransACE CV 2013, which features Transamerica’s Real Time Pricing model, features a 2 percent guaranteed minimum interest rate, a 5-year required minimum premium, a two-year rolling target, and the MultiFlex Surrender Enhancement Endorsement. It will also include the same, single life ACE interest rates applicable to TransACE 2013.

Applications for the current TransACE CV 2008 product must be received in good order by Transamerica’s Cedar Rapids Administrative Office by close of business on March 13. If a TransACE CV 2008 policy has already been issued but is still in its delivery period, it may be returned for reissue to a TransACE CV 2013 policy subject to underwriting approval and a new illustration.

For states where TransACE CV 2013 is made available after the February 11 introduction date, there will be a similar one-month transition period. Transition dates will be announced with the state availability notice.


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   Lincoln Benefit Life Decreases Prices on Legacy Secure II and Legacy Choice II
   Principal Increases Premium Rates for UL Protector IV
   Transamerica Suspends Sales of TransACE Survivor 2010 Effective Immediately
   Transamerica Reintroduces Trendsetter Term Portfolio; TransTerm Portfolio Discontinued
   MetLife Revises Guarantee Advantage UL and Legacy Advantage Survivorship UL Policies
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   Transamerica Introduces Freedom Index Universal Life II and Freedom Global IUL II
   Transamerica Withdraws Trendsetter Super Series Level Premium Term Portfolio from Sale
   MetLife Repricing Guarantee Advantage Universal Life Product
   Hartford Reprices UL Freedom Series
   West Coast Life Introducing One Step Life UL
   Principal to Reprice its SUL Protector
   COMING SOON! Prudential's PruLife UL Protector, Term Essential and Term Elite Reprice
   Introducing Transamerica's Surrender Flexibility Endorsement for TransACE
   New Rates for MetLife's Guaranteed Level Term Product
   High-Five! American General's 5 Point Play Extended Through December 31, 2011
   COMING SOON! Lincoln Financial's Lincoln LifeElements Level Term (2011)
   Genworth Introduces Colony LifeLong UL
   AXA's Newly Enhanced Athena Universal Life
   COMING SOON! Mutual of Omaha's New Guaranteed Universal Life and Guaranteed Universal Life Plus
   Lincoln Financial Introduces MoneyGuard Reserve Plus
   COMING SOON: Principal Universal Life Protective IV
   Introducing John Hancock's NEW Protection SUL
   Lincoln Benefit Life Removes Premium Limit & Increases Face Amount Cap on Legacy Secure SL
   Banner/William Penn Reduces Rates on OPTerm and Penn Term
   AVIVA Refreshes No-Lapse Guarantee Portfolio
   Nationwide Increases Rates on YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee UL
   The Hartford Raises Treadmill EKG Limits
   Prudential Reprices PruLife SUL Protector
   MetLife Reprices Legacy Advantage Survivorship Universal Life Product
   American General Announces New, Lower Premium for AG Select-a-Term
   John Hancock's Vice President of Underwriting Will Visit Premier Brokerage
   Coming Soon - Lincoln LifeGuarantee SUL (2011)
   It’s the Lincoln 2011 MGA PREMIER PARTNERS Program!
   Introducing MetLife's Term Conversion Plus Program
   Minnesota Mutual Introduces Single Life Term Conversion Program
   Lincoln Benefit Life''s Time Limits for Medical Requirements Extended
   Minimum Issue Ages for Banner Life Value Term 20 & 30 Changes
   Introducing American General's New Secure Lifetime GUL; to Replace ContinUL
   AVIVA is Leading the Way in the Index UL Market
   West Coast Life Increases Rates on Secure-T
   West Coast Life Introduces the Income Provider Option on Secure-T
   Nationwide Introduces YourLife No-Lapse Guarantee SUL II
   Hartford Reduces Rates on Hartford Bicentennial UL Joint Freedom II
   Introducing Prudential's New Term Product, WorkLife 65
   Transamerica Revises its Trendsetter Super Series Portfolio
   Transamerica Introduces its New Universal Life Policy, TransTerm
   West Coast Life's Golden Legacy Protector X 11/10 Approved in Pennsylvania
   Lincoln Benefit Life's New Guaranteed UL Products, Legacy Secure II and Legacy Choice II, Coming Soon
   Principal Term Insurance Reprice
   John Hancock Introduces Protection UL
   Coming Soon to West Coast Life: ExtendCare Rideron WCL LifeTime Platinum III UL
   West Coast Life Reprices Universal Life Portfolio
   MetLife Introduces MetLife Promise Whole Life
   Banner/William Penn Introduces New Life Change UL
   New York Regulation 194 Takes Effect January 1
   Prudential Reprices Term Essential, Term Elite, and UL Protector
   Banner/William Penn Update Current Crediting Rate for Universal Life Products
   Genworth Changes Rates on GenGuard UL Product
   Sun Life Changes to Sun Executive UL and VUL Rates and Case Design Guidelines
   Hartford Announces Rate Reduction for Bicentennial UL Freedom product
   Transamerica Reprices TransACE Survivor UL
   John Hancock's Repriced Protection UL-G and Protection SUL-G products
   Banner & William Penn introduces Life Step UL, the new product for term conversions
   West Coast Life Golden Legacy Protector X UL 11/10 Product Re-price
   Lincoln Benefit Life's First-Year Premium Limits on Legacy Series
   Genworth's GenGuard SUL Rates Changing September 13, 2010
   John Hancock's Protection Whole Life Sales Suspended Temporarily
   John Hancock's Performance UL with New Lower Premiums
   Principal Reprices Survivorship Universal Life Protector
   Sun Universal Protector® UL and Sun Survivorship UL® discontinued effective August 4, 2010
   ING Reduces Premiums for Guaranteed Death Benefit II
   West Coast Life Introduces New WCL Secure-T Product
   Lincoln Financial Repays US Treasury Investment in Full
   Lincoln Financial Increase Term Limits
   Sun Life Financial Annouces New External Term Insurance Exchange Program
   West Coast Life Offers One-Time Conversion Option to Term Owners
   Mutual of Omaha Updates Term Life Express and Term Life Complete
   A.M. Best Upgrades Transamerica Rating
   Banner Rates Reduced for OPTerm and Penn Term
   The Key to Life Series: Wealth Transfer Planning Through Asset Repositioning